Benefits of using a Yoga wheel

Using a yoga wheel brings many benefits to the body in the practice of exercises that will improve your balance, muscle tension and concentration. The most common are:

Massage the spine

With this practice, what is mainly sought is to promote a straight, straight posture without hunching the back and throwing the shoulders forward. Here the exercise is done by placing the wheel behind, between the lower part of the back and the sacrum, with the feet on the ground, placing the arms on top and beginning to roll back and forth.

Open the chest

Here you do an exercise similar to that required to massage the spine. But here you must focus your breathing and concentration on opening the chest, you must do stretching exercises and once you get a comfortable area, but difficult to access you must focus there and breathe while exercising with your arms at your sides and softening your shoulders, drop your legs and this will soften the hip flexors, your belly will expand and you can stay that way until you start to feel discomfort, there you should find the child’s position.

Helps with deeper backbends

Many times, if you are not a cheerleader, dancer, or gymnast, backbends can seem impossible, dangerous, difficult, and unattainable. This is where the yoga wheel really shines and makes the impossible possible and, with the right training, it will allow you to perfect your technique and do better and better backbends.

Help your flexibility

Apart from the stretching and opening aspects of the heart, the wheel can also be perfectly used as a flexibility tool. The most creative yoga practitioners often use the wheel to gain more and more flexibility with exercises that constantly improve these abilities.

Strengthen your balance

Using the typical Yoga exercises and using the wheel correctly, you can considerably improve your balance through workouts that allow you not only to open your chest, shoulders or hips but also to sit on the wheel and be able to remain in a still posture without the instrument to move. This requires a lot of practice and concentration.

Convinced about the benefits of using a Yoga wheel?

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