How to use a Yoga wheel

Learn how to use a Yoga wheel, an ideal accessory for your workouts to be extremely complete, especially in the practice of dharma yoga, which is a style that allows you to open your mind and improve concentration.

In this article we go over different ways on how to use a Yoga wheel.

Opening your shoulders

The shoulders are one of the areas of our body that accumulate more stress and these wheels, by allowing you to rest on them, will give you a great way to open your shoulders, flex them and release all the tension that is in them.

Opening your sides

As with the shoulders, the yoga wheels can be positioned on your sides, making the stretching and work of this area less complicated, in fact, you will not need an instructor to achieve it.

Opening your back

You will get the perfect support for your back with a yoga wheel, you just have to place your body on top of it and perform your breathing exercises.

Improving your back push-ups

Yoga wheels are able to help you improve the way you perform new poses, as they give you greater flexibility.

Improving your balance

Balance is essential in the world of yoga, since it is what allows you to perform all positions correctly and a wheel is a perfect accessory to improve it.

Strengthening your inverted poses

Headstand is one of the first things we want to try when starting yoga and achieving it is not so easy, but with a yoga wheel, all your inverted poses will be easier to perform.

Improving your flexibility

And speaking of flexibility, this is one of the greatest advantages that you will get when using a yoga wheel, since you can achieve a great variety of poses using the lower part of your body.

You can do a Hollow Back

The hollow back is quite a difficult position, especially when you are a beginner of yoga, but with the help of a wheel and constant practice, you will be able to achieve it with ease.

Now you know how to use a Yoga wheel

If all these ways of using a Yoga wheel have convinced you to buy one you can read our article on the best Yoga wheels.

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