Mute vittris

In the integrated practice of asana and Pranayama, then, there is a silencing of limiting patterns: of vrittis.

Practice tests us for life. Life is the Great Test. Or the place of Great Practice. When the body shows us its impressions, traces and fixations emerge just as quickly on the rational, emotional, sensory, and intellectual levels. Samskaras appear – blockages, fears, frustrations, anxieties, fictitious ideas about ourselves – and they make noise. The deep and unified practice of the asana with conscious breathing and mindfulness always gives us the option of observing (ourselves) instead of reacting to what we believe to be our limitations. We are able to break through resistance, rather than fight it, breathing it in conscious surrender. This is how we release them.

As the impressions in the physical body are cleansed and transformed, as we have seen, the same process is progressively addressed in the other sheaths – energetic, mental, rational, emotional, sensory, intellectual and intuitive and of the soul itself (the koshas) -. If we look at it from another perspective – because Yoga is union and integration – this is equivalent to the simultaneous practice of the other members of Ashtanga Yoga. All eight. A deep mental state that favors internalization, concentration and states of meditation is also possible in the asana.

Yoga begins with listening. When we listen, we are giving space to what is.

Richard Freeman

With Yama and Niyama as root principles, practice teaches us patience, because we understand that the process of self-knowledge is continuous and that each of us is a unique manifestation with a path that unfolds with advancement. Contemplating instead of reacting and surrendering to the process. Tapas, Svadyaya and Isvara Pranidhana. Yoga in action.

That clarity allows synchrony with cosmic vibrations. The remembrance that we are part of something greater. Always with the ultimate purpose of the Supreme Self-Realization of the Being.

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