Sun salutation, the secret to start the day with energy

In Hindu mythology, the sun is revered as a source of health and immortality. The sun symbolizes light and knowledge, and the salutation to the sun (also known as Surya Namaskar) is understood as a dance or ritual to open up to this source of life and well-being. In fact, the salutation to the sun is born from a series of prostrations to the sun, and the Hindu tradition recommends doing it at dawn, placed in front of the sun when it rises.

Gain strength and flexibility

The sun salutation consists of 12 yoga poses that are chained and performed in a fluid way, paying attention to the breath. Each asana compensates for the posture of the previous one and, as a whole, the salutation to the sun allows you to wake up the whole body and work it both at the level of strength and flexibility. Helps improve coordination, relax and focus the mind. In addition, it is especially healthy to keep the spine and back flexible, as well as to stimulate different internal organs. It is a practice that allows the body to be charged with energy and is used to start yoga classes to warm up the body, since it is a very complete sequence.

If you practice it every day, you will not only feel that you start the day full of energy, but you will do it giving thanks to life and, therefore, full of joy. You can start by doing 4 in a row and increase to 10.

Sun salutation

The 12 postures of the sun salutation:

  1. Exhale and, with your back straight and the weight of your body well distributed on the two soles of your feet, join the palms of your hands in front of your chest. Connect with the breath.
  2. Breathing in, stretch your arms up and back.
  3. Exhaling, bring your hands to the ground next to your feet.
  4. Breathing in, bring your right leg back, your knee to the ground, and your gaze upward.
  5. Holding your breath, bring your other leg back, keeping both of them straight and your arms as well.
  6. Exhaling, bend your legs until you touch the ground with your knees, chest, and forehead.
  7. Breathing in, support your hips and legs while pushing your arms to open your chest. Lean back and look up.
  8. Exhaling, bring your hips up and gaze toward your abdomen.
  9. Breathing in, bring your right foot between your hands, while lowering the other knee to the ground.
  10. Exhaling, bring the other leg forward, put your feet together and bring your head towards your legs.
  11. Breathing in, raise your arms up and back.
  12. Finally, exhaling, bring your palms together in front of your chest.
  13. Now, start the sun salutation again, putting your left leg in front.

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