The 5 best extra wide yoga mats of 2021

When it comes to their mats, tall yogis want the same quality, comfort, and safety as everyone else — they just want a little extra space. The best extra wide yoga mat for tall people is as non-slip, cushioning and durable as a well-made standard yoga mat. They are just bigger, because Savasana is not so relaxed when your head hangs on top.

The standard size yoga mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide but sometimes it takes a few extra inches for your entire body to fit inside the mat. They are there, if you are going to buy quality and size, some of them have all the features you want. These five mats range in length from xx to yy inches, and they are the best whether you are looking for longevity, value, comfort, professional traction or plenty of space.

Best quality: Manduka PRO Yoga Mat 85×26”

  • High quality
  • Comfortable
  • Thick
  • Grip
  • High price
  • No the wider one

It is the favorite choice for professionals or lovers of yoga. It is one of the most durable mats on the market and its quality will make you love practicing yoga with it. It is the best yoga mat of this year and is suitable for all types of yoga practices. It is only 2 inches more which may be enough for you, but there are wider options (although not as high quality).

Why is the Manduka Mat Pro considered the best yoga mat?

  • It is a mat that will last a lifetime, the materials are so good that it will always be almost new.
  • It is large and dense, I recommend it to do yoga at home, rather than to transport.
  • The quality of its material makes it used by yoga professionals.
  • Although the price is high, it will be profitable because you are going to amortize the investment.

If you can afford the purchase of this mat, it is the highest quality extra wide mat as well as being very comfortable. If the price is decisive you can take a look at other alternatives. You have all the information below these lines.

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat 85x26"

An ultra-dense and spacious performance grip yoga mat that has unmatched comfort and cushioning. Designed for performance and durability, the PRO is backed by our promise that it ...

Best overall: Odoland Large Yoga Mat 72×48”

  • Different sizes
  • Comfortable
  • Thick
  • Short

This Odoland extra wide yoga mat is not as well known as Manduka’s but it is large enough to fit any yoga posture, providing you with plenty of space for practice, while using a non-slip double-layer structure to provide the best grip and comfort. It also has different colors and different sizes to choose from.

It is not as long as others but if you do not need these extra inches from our point of view it is the best option between what it costs and what it offers.

Odoland Large Yoga Mat

For Yoga, Pilates Stretching, Home Gym Workout, Extra Thick Non Slip Eco Friendly Exercise Mat with Carry Strap

Safe bet: CAMBIVO Extra Wide Yoga Mat 75×32”

  • Long
  • Comfortable
  • Thick
  • One size

If you are looking for something larger than a standard yoga mat, but don’t want to be too big or too expensive, then this medium-sized, reasonably priced yoga mat from CAMBIVO is a good choice.

This Cambivo extra wide yoga mat is 75 inches x 32 inches, big enough compared to a traditional yoga mat. This cushion is 6 mm thick, very comfortable, and comes with a microfiber towel, two shoulder straps and a bag for easy use.

Its weak point, not having a variety of sizes, becomes its strong point since you can be sure that there will be no confusion in your purchase.

CAMBIVO Extra Wide Yoga Mat

Thoughtfully designed to provide perfect anti-slip performance, extra-large space, and cushioning. The right support and convenience with lightweight are great for home practice ...

Best budget: Yoga Direct Extra Wide Yoga mat 72×36”

  • Price
  • Thick
  • Odor
  • Short

This extra-wide yoga mat is made in a long-lasting latex-free form with a non-slip, highly adhesive surface. In addition, the yoga mat is particularly thick. Just because this is an ultra-wide yoga mat does not mean that it cannot be rolled and stored as easily as a smaller mat.

Being the cheapest it has a setback that can be quite annoying for you. Some users have complained that it gives off an unpleasant odor so it has to be allowed to air out for a few days before using it.

Yoga Direct Extra Wide Yoga Mat

Yoga Direct's Extra Wide Yoga Mat allows you to spread out and strike a pose without worrying about spilling off the sides of your mat.

The biggest: YogaAccessories Deluxe Yoga Mat 84×36”

  • Large
  • Thick
  • Different sizes
  • Size confusions

The YogaAccessories Extra Wide and Extra Long 1/4” Deluxe Yoga Mat is probably the most ideal decision in the event that you are searching for a wide, extra-long and wide mat that is perfect for Yoga practices and other floor exercises.

This tastefully satisfying and additional thick mat accompanies a pleasantly planned conveying lash and a convenient satchel. It is additionally foldable so you can undoubtedly move it up for simple stockpiling when not being used.

One of its advantages, having different measures, is also being one of its problems. There are some reports of confusions in the sizes, we do not know if it is the fault of the buyer or the seller.

YogaAccessories Extra Wide and Extra Long 1/4'' Deluxe Yoga Mat

t a full 7 feet (84") long and 3 feet (36") wide, this mat is designed to accommodate taller yogis without compromising comfort, traction or style.


From our point of view, if price is not a problem, we recommend buying Manduka PRO Yoga Mat 85×26”. In case we have a tight budget, we would opt for Odoland Large Yoga Mat 72×48” or CAMBIVO Extra Wide Yoga Mat 75×32” because of their relationship between what they cost and what they offer.

If we want the cheapest option, Yoga Direct Extra Wide Yoga mat 72×36” is also a good choice.

If you still cannot decide, you can opt for the biggest, the YogaAccessories Deluxe Yoga Mat 84×36”.


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