The importance of breathing in yoga

We are born, live and die and during this process we think about many things that affect us: stress, what we eat, what we drink, the medications we take, pollution…. and many other issues that we try to change to improve our lives. And among all these thoughts that we have, how many times do we think about the quality of our breathing?

Surely if you are asthmatic or have some other lung ailment you will do it very often, but what about the others? Maybe when we go to the forest or the mountains and we say: “What a pleasure! Pure air ”and that’s it. We don’t think about it anymore. And we make a big mistake. We can live a life with healthy food, healthy drinks, free of harmful chemicals…. but if we don’t breathe, all of the above is of no use.

The importance of breathing in yoga

That is how easy it is to know the importance of breathing in our life and therefore in yoga. Breathing is the main form of contribution of energy (prana) to our body. Every time you inhale, you fill your body with oxygen that allows your cells to remain alive, until then we are all aware, but we ignore that our breathing is also linked to our mind and therefore to our state of mind.

Just as eating anything quickly does not feel the same as calmly eating an organic and lovingly cooked product, breathing in any way is not the same as breathing with awareness and quality. But we settle. We go through life breathing only half, quickly when we are nervous or agitated, slowly when we sleep, holding our breath in any way when we are scared or tense, letting the air enter through the mouth when we run to catch the bus, etc. etc.

And this is where yoga comes in. In yoga there are different breathing techniques aimed at:

  • Strengthen our respiratory system
  • Increase our oxygen absorption capacity
  • To teach us how to breathe properly to keep the body in optimal condition.

These same techniques can control different physical aspects, such as temperature, hunger or heart rate, but they can also control other more mental aspects such as nervousness, anxiety or destructive emotions.

The way we breathe can alter what we feel or how we feel and that is why breathing in yoga is very important, because it can help us calm our mind and body, so that we stop looking at the outside (what they do others, how I am compared to others, how is my body …) to fully enjoy the present through conscious breathing.

Conscious breathing helps us to control all those chaotic thoughts that live in our head and to focus them on a single point: the breath. And as if it were magic, when we manage to focus all the attention on the breath, the problems disappear, our fears disappear and there is only tranquility, happiness and existence.

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