The reasons to continue with your yoga practice

In our current society, the pace of life has multiplied compared to previous decades. The overload of tasks, the work demand or only valuing the present moment, among other evils, leads us to a life full of tension, frantic and excited. In short, we live most of our time stressed.

Stress, in short, mainly affects our emotional well-being: it makes us feel more tired, irritable, it is difficult for us to sleep, and it impairs our power of concentration and decision-making. On some occasions, there are people who adopt harmful habits to try to control this stress, such as smoking, taking alcohol or medication, but these behaviors are totally inappropriate to improve the situation.

The best remedy to control stress and also be able to reconcile our work and social life, is to dedicate a few minutes to yourself to disconnect from day to day. One of the most recommended practices is yoga, since it provides great benefits in this regard.

How does yoga help me in my day to day?

Many times the excess of commitments or tasks leads us to value the option of stopping doing other activities to be able to deal with the rest of responsibilities, and choosing to eliminate those that bring you benefits in your daily life would not be the best option.

In this case, yoga helps reduce stress levels, since deep breathing, a basic component in yoga practice, helps increase blood flow and this leads to oxygenation of the whole body. On the other hand, the fact of concentrating on the execution of the postures, frees the mind of your problems and daily affairs. These two factors, breathing and concentration, provide a state of relaxation that will continue to increase the more regular your yoga practice.

Reserve some time for yourself, you deserve it

The excuse of “I don’t have time” should not exist when it comes to doing a healthy practice to improve physically and mentally. The fact of living in the moment without thinking about tomorrow ends up having consequences in the medium and long term, for that reason think about the benefits that spending a couple of hours a week on yoga will bring you.

In the case of YogaOne, we work to bring our yoga centers closer to the maximum number of people every day and offer multiple yoga sessions at different times throughout the day, to make it easier for each user to choose the class that best suits them. your job or spare time available.

In addition, we offer all kinds of yoga classes according to the objective of each person. For example, if you prefer a session to work the whole body, you can opt for Vinyasa or Asthanga; For those people who prefer to focus on a more spiritual or mental aspect, there are dharma or sivananda classes, which aim to unblock emotions and feelings. Yoga is also ideal to alleviate and avoid back pain, specifically iyengar and restorative yoga, which are also designed so that anyone can practice it, because they can be adapted through supplements to avoid forcing the posture and holding the position.

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