Using a yoga wheel for back pain

Yoga has become one of the most practiced activities in recent times. Its benefits both physically and mentally have made this ancient discipline born in India a very important tool for our internal balance and well-being. There are many variants that have emerged from it over time. Although hatha, ashtanga or vinyasa are some of its most widespread basic modalities, we can also find other unusual options as interesting as Power Yoga, Acroyoga or Aerial Yoga, all of them based on the traditional and best-known postures. But, in addition to all these innovative versions, we can also incorporate other external elements into our practice in order to improve flexibility, delve deeper into certain asanas or help us stretch better.

Yoga wheel, a great way to stretch your back

One of these elements is the yoga wheel, a very useful tool to help perfect our technique in a short time, whatever the level. The creator of it was the teacher Sri Dharma Mittra who, in 1977, began to introduce it in his classes to help people gain greater mobility and elasticity to achieve postures that they never thought they could do. “The wheel opened my back and my heart, so I feel much younger in every way. It is an incredible way to stretch every day,” says the expert yogi about it.

Its use spread rapidly throughout the world and today there are many centers that offer this variant among their services. Using the wheel is not too difficult. Even the easiest way to use it is to simply lie on your back on top of it and gently move up and down to stretch each vertebra.

Versatile and multifunctional tool

The wheels are usually made of plastic or wood and are covered with a special padding on the outside to perfectly adapt to the spine. Its measurements are approximately 12 inches in diameter by 5 wide, the optimal ones to adapt the body to them and to be able to stretch the back, hips and neck, as well as to open the chest and shoulders correctly.

It is a multifunctional element that adapts without problem to the personal practice of each individual, not only yoga, but also Pilates, fitness “or simply to relax your back after a long day working in front of the computer”, as indicated from Shuka Wheel, one of the first wheels made in Spain by hand.

Yoga wheel benefits

The yoga wheel has many benefits, being back pain relieve one of the main ones, although not the only one. It is also very useful for:

  • Helps open the chest and shoulders
  • Stretches all the muscles of the back and helps to deepen the extensions and arching of the spine in a safe and natural way
  • Provides a pleasant massage to the spine while it is supported without forcing some areas more than others
  • Stretches the hip flexor muscles
  • Work the core in depth and comprehensively
  • Improves balance at different levels
  • Power your imagination by creating and testing endless variations

If you are thinking on buying a yoga wheel for relieving the pain of your back, you can read our article on the best Yoga wheels.

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